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Resting Like 10 Seconds Between Deadlift Reps?

Is that okay? i just hit 195lbs

I do like 1 or two pretty quickly, then i have to prepare my self for the next, get perfect positioning then i pull after a few deep breaths, and i do that till 5. 5 is the absolute max i can do, i cant lift it a single time after.

Does this maybe signify that i should drop 10% soon?

What program are you doing?

I’m doing greyskull lp

My accessories are chinups (not frequnecy method) curls, calf raises, and rear delt + rotator cuff band work.

why are you so keen to deload all the time? You mention wanting to do it more often in your other thread (if that wasn’t you then I apologise).

As much as I hate classifying people by their level, “beginners” really don’t need to deload.

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Did you read the program?

You don’t need our permission for anything.

post a video of one these ‘all out’ sets. I’m really curious what this looks like.

EDIT: And I’ll also add that, while I"m not familiar with the program, what you’re doing is almost certainly not in the spirit if it. I doubt the author of the program wants you spending almost a minute on any set of 5.

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