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Resting Heart Rate..


Can any of you figure out what's going on with my body?

My level of endurance conditioning is clearly mediocre at best. I get a little winded even when warming up, and I feel slow and heavy when I run anything other than sprints. I haven't tested in a while, but if I were to guess from previous tests I'd think my VO2 max is probably in the 40s somewhere at the moment. Still, my resting heart rate is at 45, which is pretty damn low for someone who is not an endurance athlete. I've recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and am currently taking meds that should lower it, but I'm not sure where the average BP is at the moment.

I have a hard time understanding how I can have such a low HF and still be in such lousy shape. Could it be that my heart has an overcapacity compared to the cell's ability to consume oxygen. I thought that only happened to top athletes who stop training, and long term users of steroids. I don't fit in any of those categories.

Any ideas?


Something involving inhibition of sympathetic or excitation of parasympathetic NS perhaps?
That's just a thought and I have no credentials to legitimize such an assertion, just the first thing that came to mind. Maybe talk to a doctor about it? It could have any number of causes. If you're truly worried you should contact a specialist.


Hm. That is something to consider. I am going back for a check-up to see how I'm doing on the meds in about four weeks. I'll make sure to ask about that. Thanks.


go do a check up on your heart


Thanks, I did. About a year ago I had a 24 hour EKG. They found nothing. I changed my doctor this year and he had me on a 24 hour BP check instead. It was high. We talked about it, and given my lifestyle he concluded it was probably genetic, but he didn't really explain how I could have such a low resting HR, so I thought maybe someone here had an idea before I see him again in four weeks.