Resting Before Powerlifting Meet

I do the Beyond 5/3/1 template right now. My workout schedule is below. I was thinking of for the last training week changing the days I do this in order to recover about what I feel I need to perform well. Is this on track or is there something else I should do. The last training session should I not take it to failure or just do the minimum required reps. I have used 5/3/1 in the past but not for a competition.

Current schedule-
Monday: Deadlift
Tuesday: Overhead
Thursday: Squat
Friday: Bench

For the contest week:
Tuesday: Deadlift (11 days out)
Saturday: Squat (7 days out)
Sunday: Bench (6 days out)

I’d work up to TMx1 on those days and not do any backoffs, just whatever light prehab work you usually do.

I’d also squat and bench 3-4 days out, up to around my last warmup x 1 but I squat and bench 2x/week. Regardless, I’d go in and do something meet week just to keep limber and sharp, even if it’s just movement prep and rolling.