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Well since taking a new job that requires a lot of hours and a rotating schedule that puts me on 12 hour nights my body composition has turned flabby…

It seemed like it was almost overnight and I was on the last hole in my belt! I went from 180 lbs and 10-12% BF to 197 lbs and over 20% BF! This transition only took about 4-6 months to complete!

So I have climbed back up on the wagon (2 weeks ago) started lifting agian following DJ’s OLAD and now I am moving into CW’s SFM. I am slowly adding sprints and shorter distance running in a few times each week.

My nutrition sucks; always has. I can go about 2 weeks eating clean and then all hell breaks loose and I binge on junk for a week or so… I have made modest changes so far but I really need to purge my house of the crap! Which is not an easy task when you have 3 kids under the age of 7 and one of them refuses to eat anything that has grown in the ground!

So here is the plan:

All meals for the week will be prepared on Sunday.

Grocery List:

red bell peppers

chicken breasts
turkey breasts
lean ground beef
smoked salmon

cottage cheese

old fashioned oatmeal

Metabolic Drive!
Cod liver oil (the liquid stuff)

I dont think I am going to worry about counting calories and all that just yet. I need this to develop into a habit and not make it a chore. Once I establish a clean eating habit I will focus on how much I need to consume to reach my goals.

For lifting I am pretty much going to follow CW and DJ’s stuff.

Anyway, my immediate goal is to get my eating habits under control and to work off the excess fat that I found this morning (afternoon) when I rolled out of bed!

I am going to make this my food and excercise journal.

Since this is to document what I have consumed and done for myself on a daily basis I will start with today… bearing in mind that my days are really nights.

0700- 2 wheat beers! (last two and these are getting cut from the list)
1/2 cup cheese melted on a flour tortilla.

0800- Bedtime

14:30 woke up (not enough sleep)
1 tbs cod liver oil, 1 g Vitamin C

17:00 2 Spikes

Getting ready to start SFM so I maxed out on box squats…pathetic but restarting at a higher point than when I started! 300 lbs on squats; chest supported rows 135; this was depressing but its not about stroking my ego.

Rode my bike to work (3 miles) also found out from a coworker that it is only going to 15 F when I get off in the morning…looking forward to frozen tear ducts.

22:30 1 cup chili (200 cal) chunky soup version not homemade.

23:30 1 large red bell pepper.

For drinks today/tonight I had about 3 cups of green tea, 32 oz of water, and 8 cups of black coffee.

I realize that I did not eat enough and the cheesy tacos have to go but I didnt plan on sharing this with the internet when I was eating it! Tomorrow (today) is a new day and I will eat better!

Its been sometime since I posted last to this but I think I have mostly gotten my nutrition in order. I still like beer; its a must, I am after all a homebrewer! But I have made a pact with myself that the only beer I get is the beer that I have crafted. So here is my weekly average from 04/10-04/16

Average Calories

   grams cals %total 

Total: 2821
Fat: 104 933 34%
Sat: 40 362 13%
Poly: 15 137 5%
Mono: 40 358 13%
Carbs: 186 668 24%
Fiber: 19 0 0%
Protein: 223 891 32%
Alcohol: 37 263 10%

All foods have been clean, except the beer, that number will be working its way down since it really interfers with my goals. Plus I dont brew in the summer, too many wicked wild yeasts floating about.

I sent my wife a link to Precision Nutrition to help make the sell. I firmly believe that this all starts with what goes in my mouth. She always lets me get what I want so I dont see this as being a problem. Just have to pass it by the budgeteer!

I feel better this past week than I have since last spring when I was doing this.

BTW; I LOVE Alpha Male! I swear to god my loads are way bigger than before; my wife will attest to that statement. I dont know nor do I care if my mood elevation is a result of the Alpha Male or better nutrition; I will keep both in my regimen.

In short, aside from my recent GI upsets, I feel Fucking Fantastic!

I am starting WSB tomorrow as an intro to westside style training. I really think this is where I want to go with my physique goals and strength goals. Those guys are huge powerhouses.

I know that my calories are not near where they need to be I burn about 3600 kcal not including activities. But I need to work my way up there slowly and adjust as needed, I am sure when I get PN I will know a lot more about what I need to do.

Anyway thanks for reading this and thank you Biotest for the great supplements and the great community here at T-Nation. I cant imagine where I would be if I hadn’t found this place!