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Restarting Training Issue - Advice


Due to injuries, and then work commitments, I've discovered that I've been out of training for 2 years. AND IT MUST CHANGE - The old body will come back!

Restarting training, though, has brought in an issue I've never had before. Although (relatively) my muscle strength is still there, I'm finding that my joints can't support the weight any more... E.g if I am doing bench, my elbows will give out well before my chest starts to fatigue.

Does anyone have any advice to combat this?


Ease yourself into it. What sense does it make going back after not training for TWO YEARS and hitting
it back at 100%? You mad? lol. Anyways if I were you i'd start the first week at 50% then gradually increase 5-10% per week till you're back at 100%. Look at how Kevin Levrone did his transformation. He started low and gradually increased over 8 weeks. From what i've read the joints take longer to adjust than the muscles.


x2. I'd also consider starting at higher reps to build up your muscle endurance (and also to get your muscles used to the frequency) and maybe even starting with machines (Hammer Strength, Smith, etc.)


He needs to get used to stabilizing weight while the weights he is using are light. Getting used to benching with dumbbells vs. a machine is much easier when you are able to handle the 50's as compared to the 100's.

Not that there is anything wrong with machines, but starting out training exclusively on machines will limit his options down the road and possibly set him up for injuries and imbalances.