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Restarting Training After 10 Day Layoff

So I missed 10 days of training due to vacation and the last week of my kids baseball season. I was on week 6 of 16 of basically the cube preadator with some slight changes for mass. (The changes were made by the author of the program himself, I didn’t go rogue.) The program goes in 4 week waves similar to Wendler, but without the deload week.

My question is, do I pick back up at week 7 or possibly go back to week 5 or 6 and work back into it?

Asking here bc the author seems to be unable to respond to any emails since I paid for it, with the exception of 1 email every 4 weeks with the new wave.

As an aside, I just finished Wendler’s 5/3/1 for powerlifting and it will be the next program I run.

You could pick up where you left off or rerun the last week. Shouldn’t really matter in the big picture.