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Restarting Sport Pain in the Middle of my Back

Hi, yesterday i training the upper, it was good but i feel a little bit my Dorsal and sometimes i feel the same things but i was thinking is nothing to need be worry.

So today was my lower training, and in the squat everythings was good, position and so on, but after that, my dorsal (left side ) i think… are painful, even when i had a strong breath i feel this pain (middle of the back, left ~ ). So i stop my Training and use a bit a foam roll and i hope is nothing crazy, i will see the doctor after 2 day if that is still here.

I guess my warm up was bad for my back, because somethime i feel something like that in my dorsal (left side) like a strong stretching but not painful, hard to explain,i feel something similar when i do some Stiff leg deadlift but never he was “blocked” or painful like that.

so if u can give me also a good warm up before to training, i had a good one, but i feel that i need to warm up my back before training to, even when is the upper training, I didnt train for more than one month, i didn’t guess that will kick me like that

Maybe is a pinched nerve

thank for your advice and help to “understand” a bit more