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Restarting - Routine Help?

Make a long story short relationships threw me out of lifting for 11 months, i started a month ago. Previous to that i was lifting for two years, best i was up to was 167 pounds at 6%( on a 5’10 frame that was originaly 130, i take creatine and food, just wondering what the opionion is on this schedule.


Bench squeeze shoulders
dumbell curls
pinkys out
Tricep Pulldowns


Curl Bar Curls
Reverse Bench
Lateral Raises


Decline Bench
Barbell Curls
Skull Crushers
Single Arm dumbell Rows

You should train your back. Youre doing a lot of pushing and only one heavy pull per week.

I work for an office supply store and i lift heavy boxes frenquetly, why i lessened the blow on my back and legs.

My opinion on this routine is that it sucks, really bad.

The order of your exercises makes no sense (deads after curls, rows after curls), and half of them are isolation movements.

C’mon, you know better than this. There are plenty of resources on this site to help you on your way.

If you can train biceps three days a week, then your lifting of “heavy boxes frequently” shouldn’t stop you from training your back. I know that physically challenging jobs can seemingly fuck with your training, but only if you let them.

The order changes each workout but it is never in conflict( triceps after pectorals), thats just the way i have it listed to remember. As far as the whole job thing goes, my back has never been all that well, especially my upper right back. I would like to work it more but if i do it severally limits my ability to work as well as endangers my life on the job, with that in mind i just want a routine that will help rebuild and slowly progress muscle until i make commit to a more dedicated and when necessary advanced routine.

There are a few flaws with your program, and your thinking.

Forget about what you do at work. You should train the body intelligently and with the purpose of getting stronger, and staying injury free.

Avoiding back and leg training is just going to set you up for injuries down the road. You should be balance out your pressing and pulling exercises. Also with that much pressing, you will end up with shoulder issues if you don’t do some external rotation work.

You should also think about including some sort of single leg lower body exercise (lunge, step up, bulgarian split squat, etc).

You don’t have to go heavy on your back work at first, just start training it with lighter weights, and focus on the form. As strength increases, you can bump up the weight. The stronger your back and legs are, the easier work will be. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

The way the program is written, it looks like you are only interested in training the chest, biceps and traps/delts. If you don’t know any better, then do some research. If you do know better, then make the corrections. Your body will look out of proportion, and you will plateau early with this program.

If you are serious about this, then think about what has been suggested. Rather than making excuses, make the changes.