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Restarting Crossfit at 47?

I have done Crossfit off and on for the past seven years. Starting from a very low level, I did get stronger. Working out with other people did make me push a little harder than I might have otherwise, too. I had no shame about scaling weights to something safe but challenging, and I didn’t even attempt to do multiple repetitions of complex lifts super fast.

Recently, I’ve been adrift at the gym: not showing up consistently and feeling a bit uncertain about the best way to spend the limited time I can devote to exercise each week.

Would it be insane to try Crossfit again? Does anyone on here have experience doing Crossfit in middle age?

Given the parameters you’ve listed, I’d say CrossFit workouts seem ok.
Sounds like you’re smart about scaling weights, judicious about mixing lifts, and drawn to CrossFit’s format. That said, why not take a month to reintroduce your body to resistance exercise, then re-start Crossfit WODs on those days when you’re able to hit the gym?


This is solid advice.

Give your body as much time as it needs (or more no rush) to adapt to lifting again by easing back into lifting even if that’s just basic linear progression on basic movement patterns, mobility requirements of relevant lifts and general conditioning.

The body has plenty of ability to adapt to the demands of Crossfit whether you’re 20 or 60 years old, more so if you’ve had past experience. As long as you ease back in, eat right and recover well you’ll be all good.

Crossfit is the devil tho. Fat Powerlifter lyf


A friend of mine posted her workout yesterday, (she’s in her 50s) I was like… What da F!!! why would you do that? OMG!


Good advice.

I’m not a huge fan of CrossFit, but it has some undeniable draws and if that’s what will keep you in the game, I would say to go for it. I’ve seen plenty of video of old ladies doing CrossFit, there’s no reason a 47-year-old has to sit out. Just be smart about scaling and, as you alluded, preserve good form under fatigue.

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AMRAP 1 Min says no


Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the advice. I agree that the AMRAP approach can drive you unthinkingly to injury. Fortunately, I have a special talent sensing which movements might give me trouble, and I am okay with doing a lot fewer rounds than everyone else while I practice a movement. So maybe I will try Crossfit again.

It looks like running… but with your arms?

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Its ok if it means you get back in the swing of things, I would do it for 2 months then get on a proven program off this site that has a good mix of heavyish lifting and metabolic work. This below would be a good example…

Obviously stay the hell away from kipping pullups and high rep O lifts etc

Haha no chill

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