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Restarting arimidex

I am an over responder so I had my pharmacy compound my arimidex into 1/10 mg dosages. I go too low on approximately 1/8mg twice a week. I say approximately because it so hard to break it into exact equal pieces. The cost to compound it was 60.00 for 100 gelcap capsules. I thought I could keep e2 under control with lower frequent injections but my e2 krept up to 41.8 a range of 8-35. I inject 50-60mg of testosterone cypionate intramuscular with a 23g 1" needle on Monday A.M. and Thursday P.M.

What is the best way to drop e2 quickly or slowly? My initial plan is to take 1/10 on Monday,Wednesday and Friday for first two weeks and then drop back to Monday and Friday. I think I have seen this posted before so Ksman forgive me if it was, but I think it was an older post. Should I take a higher dose initially and follow it up with a lower dose after getting e2 in normal range. I will have lab work again in about 4 weeks. Thanks for any suggestions ahead of time.

Ok, you are over complicating this.

This is what you do:

-buy a 5ml dropper from Walgreens $5 (140 drops/5ml)
-disolve 1mg tab into 10ml of vodka
-do the math for dosing, count the drops
-dose EOD for most stable levels
-10 drops EOD will give you .125mg/week
-adjust by drops per blood work till you land at mid 20s for E2

This will allow to save you from buying more expensive compounded Adex and you get EXACT dosing

I had heard of mixing it with vodka, I may try that when I run out of the compounded Arimidex. I should have enough to last at least eight months. What about an initial front load to drop it quickly? It’s strange that I had no nipple sensitivity when my e2 was high but now that I’ve started back on arimidex I do.

I would not front load, just start with a specific dose. Bloods levels will level out fairly quick. Don’t expect immediate results, give few weeks as changes on cellular level take longer than blood levels. Make sure you dose EoD. I do my T shot, HcG shot and Adex all at once before I go to sleep. Keep it simple and steady.

You could inject with a 1/2" #29 0.5ml insulin syringe. Less damage.

Yes, 23g and 1" is overkill. If you hate SQ injections, you can buy 27g, 1/2" needles online. Those will keep the muscle damage to a minimum.

100 syringes around $14 at Walmart, brand is ReLion. No Rx needed in most jurisdictions.

I am using a 31g 5/16 for the hcg, subcutaneously injected around navel.

I picked up some BD 1ml TB Syringes today 27gx1/2" and also some 25gx5/8" to expierment with subcutaneous testosterone injection. I see in the sticky it recommends .5ml syringes. Will the syringe size make any difference or cause any problems. I don’t want to screw up my first subq injection. I will be injecting 50mg of testosterone cypionate on Monday and Thursday’s.

Doesn’t make a difference between .5 or 1ml. Use the 27gx1/2" whether you do IM or SubQ, unless you want to do IM and you have thick layer of fat.

Are they removable needles? If so, use a bigger needle, like 18g to load the syringe then swap the 27g back on.

New labs are in.
Started subq injections on March 26th labs drawn on 4-21-15.
Injecting 50mg subq on Monday A.M. and Thursday P.M…
Total testosterone 404. Range 348-1197 Drawn 24 hours after 50mg subq injection.
Free testosterone 17.9 range 6.8-21.5
Total estrogen 87 range 40-115 Down from 145 from labs on 3-10-15
Estradiol/E2 12.6 range 7.6-42.6 I know, wrong test again. Should have used sensitive. I figured since my Endocronologist ordered them I wouldn’t need to specify. I have been using 1/10 mg arimidex on day of injection and from what I have learned I am way low on E2 again. Looks like maybe with subq I won’t be needing the arimidex at all.
SHBG 17.5 Range 16.5-55.9 usually stays between 17.5 and 20. I guess this is why my free testosterone is good.
DHT 52. Range 30-85
Vitamin D 25-hydroxy 24.0 range 30-100 have started taking 3000iu daily.
Since labs I have adjusted testosterone dosage to M/W/F injections of 30/30/40
Will retest in 6 weeks.

I’ll vouch for the mixing of anastrozole and vodka method. I needed <.25mg.

My recipe is this:
8ml Vodka
2mg Anastrozole

crush tablets, add to Vodka, mix.

I don’t use a dropper, I use a regular syringe minus the needle and simply draw up the mix I need. 1ml = .25mg based on the ingredients. You can tailor this to however much you need. every 1cc is .025mg and I use .20mg, so .8cc