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Restart Log After on for 15 Months


So if anyone is interested I was going to log my recovery experience. Just stopped test e after 15 months on. Dosages were typically 200-250mg/week. Two 3-4 week breaks were taken during the 15 months.

I understand PCT doesn’t really start until after Hcg and test are out of system, so I don’t expect the first 4 weeks should be much trouble.

PCT Plan:
Week 1-4: Hcg 250mg EOD
Week 5-8: Clomid 25mg ED
Week 9: Clomid 25mg EOD
Week 10: Clomid 12.5mg EOD

Additional Supps starting week 5: ZMA, Pycogenol, Maca, L-Citrulline, Muira Puima, L-Dopa, Avena Sativa, MultiVitamin, Vit D.

PCT Diet: Will be lots of fat. Steak,bacon,eggs,olive oil,coconut oil,avocados,peanut butter, etc.

I’ve also thought about running the hcg for 5-6 weeks to make sure things are running fine with no external test. Also debated running higher hcg the first week (500iu EOD), as heard some guys don’t respond to low doses after being shut down so long.



It has been 12 days since last shot of test. So far feel pretty much the same. Doing 250iu hcg EOD, with 325 the first dose.


I am almost at 4 weeks since last shot (26 days to be exact). The biggest negative side effect I’ve noticed is increased cortisol. I still have the energy to work out, but my muscles start burning so much faster, and the ability to do as many sets is reduced. I’ve started taking a lot of Vitamin C to help reduce this. Libido is fine, although I no longer NEED a release daily, which is OK. Also, ball size/density seemed to greatly increase this past week, which is a good sign and makes me more positive about the transition to SERM. Oh, I did start to get a little bacne, but I already have antibiotics on hand if it starts to get bad.

At the 3 week mark I added nightly ZMA, and Avena Sativa 2x/day.

Current Regime:
Hcg 250iu EOD. Currently mixed with B12, never done this but I do think it helps a little.
ZMA every night
Avena Sativa 2 caps 2x/day
500 mg Vit C 2-3x/day
Multi Vitamin

I will be transitioning to Clomid at 30 days (after this weekend is over). I will also be adding lots of herbs.


Do not do SERM+hCG together. I know that you know, some other reader may not.


Yep, sorry if that wasn’t clear. I am stopping the Hcg after this weekend, and then starting the SERM 2 days after that.