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Restart HPTA, Testosterone, Gonadotropins, LH, FSH, E2


how could restart HPTA… mybe TRT + HCG + Arimidex or just HCG + Arimidex?
I have low gonadotropins, low testosterone and high E2 and smaller testicles. I tried with clomid 25mg daily and I had higher gonadotropins, higher testosterone and higher E2 but low libido. How could I restart my HPTA? Tnx for answers

last time results:

LH 2,63 e/l (0,8-7,6 e/l)
FSH 1,37 e/l (0,7-11,1 e/l)
prolactin 9,2 microg/L (2,5-17 microg/L)
E2 0,33 nmol/l (0,00-0,21 nmol/l)
feritin 159 microg/L (28-365 microg/L)
tsh 1,63 mE/L ( 0,5-4,78 mE/L)
t4 14,85 pmol/L (11,5-22,7 pmol/L)
t3 5,32 pmol/L (3,5-6,5 pmol/L)
cortisol 444 nmol/L (138-690 nmol/L)
progesteron 1,39 nmol/L (0,86-2,9 nmol/L)
vitamin D3 42,7 nmol/L (75-200 nmol/L) LOW
DHT 1,1 nmol/L (0,4-2,9 nmol/L)
SHBG 25 nmol/L (13-71 nmol/L)
testosterone 13,1 nmol/L (8,8-30,6 nmol/L)
testosterone free 42,3 pmol/L (31,0-94,0 pmol/L)
DHEA-s 7,7 micromol/L (3,6-12,9 micromol/L)


Hey bro – if Clomid doesn’t work for you, there really isn’t much options. You need to have your HPTA stand up on its own. Now there are people who can take Clomid for months, and you could run some ancillary products to manage some of the side effects and increased libido. Personally, I would just go on TRT. There are a lot of threads here that explain the different protocols - just start with some of the stickies.


I tried with clomid 25mg daily and then I had great results, but too much E2… after that I fell to low LH, low FSH, low testosterone and I keep high estrogen… what do you think if i start with HCG 1250 IU E4D? with Adex or alone? If I will increase LH and testosterone with HCG, how is with E2… higher?

after clomid 3 months
testosterone free 79,2 pmol/L (31,0-94,00 pmol/L)
testosterone 38,4 nmol/L (8,8-30,6 nmol/L)
LH 13,8 IU/L (1,7-8,6 IU/L)
FSH 7,21 IU/L ( 1,5-12,4 IU/L)
Estradiol 85 ng/L (7,63-42,59 ng/L)


That is predicable. Dose too high.

Please stick to one thread and let the others die so your case is not fractured.