Restart Cold Turkey

After 100 week’s of injecting 50 mg every 3.5 day’s. I decided to quit TRT. M’y last pin was on the 10th of august 2018. It is been 20 day’s now.

On the firts week I notice a peek in libido and a constant light head ache. I also notice my testicule were moving a lot and They started to ache.

Second week, my testicule are still moving and the pain is grater. But my constant head ache is almost gone. My right test was the one that was more atrophied from TRT, it is now harder and alot biger. I also notice a differece in the smel of my swett. It could be from adding l-citruline to my vitamine and mineral stack. I use to have a heavy amoniac smell. Its gone!

I have mot sean a difference in my strenht.
Bench: 3x315
Squat: 3x435
Bulgarien deadlift 3x425
Shin up: 8x100

Good time to get labs.

How’s energy, erections, mood?

Hi, charlie, way to hearly for lab.
Libido is ok, not sky hight but ok for now. Erection seam to be harder and more injoyable and last longer after orgasme. My mood and energy is realy good, it’s surprising.
The only down side for now is massif teste
I still have a verry good appétit.
For breakfast: 5 eggs and a quart of bleuberry.
For dinner: 2 slice of pizza, 1 steak and a big salade( tomato, cucumber, 1/2 avocado, celery, feata)

You haven’t even crashed yet, it will come usually after 3 weeks.

Today is the second of septembre, I woked up with some Wood this morning, ad sex with my wife and ad 2 orgasme. So far so good.
My testes aches are not as seveer.
My straight seem to be holding and so is my revoverry. Im training 4 time’s a week, tusday, thursday,saterday and sunday. Maximum 1hr

I’m suplementing with;

  • zinc 25 mg
  • magnesium 300 mg divided in two doses
  • L-citrulline 1500 mg divided in two doses
  • Q10 one cap
  • Omega 3 x 4 cap
  • vitamine D 5000UI
  • glutamine 4.5g
  • K2 4cap divided in two doses
  • creatine 5g
  • BCAA
  • iso proteine

The BCAA, glutamine and L-citrulinne are taken to clear uric acid. So far they seem to be workig good for me. I will know for shur in two day’s, after Blood test. I ad stifness in my right knee for the last 3 month’s, was gone in 5 day’s of suplementing with L-citrulline.

On the fifth week my libido was gone and sex did not feel great. During that week I ad a couple of incontroloble hanger spures. Aldo energy was verry good.

I took a 50mg of testosterone to help eliviate the symptôme. It took a couple of day’s and everything came back to normal. Morning Wood came back and mood improved.

But after two weeks it started again. I’m tinking that going cold turkey myth not be the best alternative. My ankel and wrist are also cracking and my knees and elbow are hurting and stif from training, so is my lower back. This could be from verry low E or verry hight cortisol.

The strage thing is my energy, I feel like I’m on caffeine 24/7 . Im hyper all day and having a hard time faling a seep and staying a sleep. Im also having a hard time with my eyes, hard time with the focus. I took 10g of taurine and some melatonine two days inarow. It helped to sleep a little more but i styll have a hard time staying a sleep. On the second nigth a got fed up and injected 100 mg of testo on the 25 of septembre.

On the next day, I notice, my lower back not being as sore.

My energy, libido and even my appetite seem linked to my estrogen levels. When you took a break your estrogen levels fell, then you started injection again and eventually estrogen levels climbed right back up.

When my estrogen is low joints are loose, however when estrogen is high my joints are tight from the fluid retention in the joints. Multiple injections per week can fix these issues.

Whenever you increase or decrease the dosage, you upset the stable blood levels of testosterone that took 6 weeks to attain.

Yes I understand, I will be injecting every 3.5 days at 35mg of testo for the next couple of weeks and see how it go’s. Stopping cold turkey could be to hard on my system. And for the 100 mg of testosterone, I did that on purpus to have my E rise to fill up my joint’s. Hoping it will do it’s job.