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ive been going hard for 4-6 months straight now and the last 2 weeks i was having a hard time gettin 130lbs on bench 10 times…yes that bad…so im takin this week off(sucks cause now if i cheat a little i cant go run it off)and then imma get going again the following week cause i got to max in my 6th period in 2 weeks,anyone see anything wrong with the week of rest?

Nope it will do you some good and you will come back fresh healed and ready to go.

We should all do this a few times a year though we dont.

Yeah, what Phil said, you grow when you aren’t in the gym… and off weeks and things are good.

yea,i just know that being home longer is gonna make it harder for me to follow my diet

Well dont be a pansy and just dont eat what you shouldnt.

That said as long as you are not over fat then rest along with a bit more intake would aid you even moreso in recovery and coming back fresh. With any luck you will actually grow bigger and stronger by the rest giving your body time to heal and grow from the Long period of overcompensation.

Or you could just stress over it. end up not taking a week off because you are to stressed about eating. etc. LOL

Good luck,

1 more thing. taking a week off also doesnt mean sitting on ones ass all week Simply don’t hit the weights. Be active go have some fun. Plat sports, climb a mountain, what ever floats you boat. Just don’t lift heavy in the gym.

I always take one week off about every 8 weeks. Sometimes I feel I need it, other times I’m sure that I don’t but I take it anyway. It prevents injury and burnout.

On your week off focus on things in your life that you might be ignoring in order to get your training in.

No one ever succeeds in life without balance.

yea imma focus on APbio more and get caught up,i planned on playing b-ball