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Rest Weeks?

I’ve searched this topic here and couldnt find a clear information on it and was wanting to know how many you guys engage in rest weeks?

I havent took one in about 4 months id say and was wanting to know if one pretty soon would be beneficial for my body. Instead of rest week could i just have a real easy week would that reap the same benefits.

Please help me out on any info youwould like to share on this topic. thanks


Go read “Back off and Grow!” by Jack Reape.

If you feel you need a break I definitely recommend you take a back-off week instead of just not going to the gym. I ususally decrease volume to around 60-70% on my back-off weeks (just what I feel works for me). I took a complete week off last week due to spring break and I’m sore as shit now after my first two workouts.