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Rest Weeks


How do you guys manage your rest weeks? Obviously its a bit different to a bodybuilding rest week which is why I'm posting here.

Doing MT I get pretty tight and sore so I had a rest week the other week but I wasn't sure whether to have a complete week off (which I ended up doing for the first time in probably a year) or if I should keep running to keep fitness up? Whether I should do gym work, some light sessions of shadow boxing or on the bag or something else?

How do you guys manage it?


I'd go stir crazy doing nothing at all, so I'll usually work in some easy swimming. No impact, full body, and I refrain from sprinting (which is hard for me, when I swam competitively it was as a sprinter). I feel like the motion helps keep me loose, without leaving me fried like a max capacity workout.


This. It also depends on why you're resting. If it's just part of a long term training arc something like swimming, yoga, or slow extended-reach shadow boxing drills will keep you loose without overtaxing you. I take occasional ballet classes to sweat while giving my body a break from regular training and remind myself I'm a girl. It's good to get your head as well as your body into a different space.

If you're resting because you're worn out or broken, stretching and sleeping is helpful.


Depends if your just "Sparring" the training weeks should be waved in intensity months at a time. Should be set up in like a big Macrocycle.

If your training for a fight well the week after an 6-8 week camp is usually in order.