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Rest Weeks With OVT

 I just finished my 3rd week of Optimized Volume Training and after reading an article of rest weeks I think I want to changeit up for a week maybe cool down a bit as OVT is very intensive and a lot of volume. Should I do lighter weights with more reps or more weight for less reps. I kinda just want to cool off the volume a little and change up my training for a week. What would be the best way to do this and keep gaining.


You could follow the classic Intensification/Accumulation model. This should work alright with OVT because of the high volume despite the fact that it stays in the strength range of 5X5.

I would suggest something more strength based, like a stint of CW's TSP, or anything that appeals to you that is easier more NS based and less hypertrophy based.

Also, I believe that CT mentions a program based around the Intensification/Accumulation model in his Seven Tips article. It looked good to me. (Of course, you would want to be working on Intensification despite OVTs lower rep ranges.)


OVT is pretty taxing to the CNS and the muscles. The intensity is high (5RM) and the volume is high (5RM within a superset). IMO, decrease the volume and intensity. Do something like 3x8.