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Rest weeks during Limping/Super Strength Series

Im currently doing the limping series combined with the 12 weeks to super strength upper body series. Going into the third phase of Limping Iank King recommends taking 1 week off. I do not see this same recommendation in the super strength article. Should I continue to train super strength and just rest on the leg workouts? I feel like I really need the rest week for legs because all of this squatting/deadlifting can compress your vertebrae after a while, I mean I feel it in my spine lately, so I feel I need the week off from legs ( and some time on my friends inversion board). Also what kind of success/failures has everyone had with the rest week after only 6 weeks of training? Thanks for any input.

Take the week off weights and do another form of exercise during that time for active recovery. I took 4-5 days off after each 3-week stage and had excellent results.

well…i figured that my body would tell mew when to take a week off, and after phase 3 it certainly told me to…

Ditto the above. Take the rest. You’ll be glad you did.

Take the rest, IK suggests looking ahead, can see yourself making gains etc for the next 6 weeks? Probably not, having started taking a break after 6 weeks it is now an integral part of my training and I actually view it as part of the program.