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Rest Week

Was wonder in how off one (me) should be during their rest week? Meaning, should I abstain completely from strength related work, or are some i.e. body weight movements ok? I plan on continuing to practice my chosen hobbies during this week, or 2, namely martial arts, gymnastics. Any comments would be great.

Definitely do some sort of light-moderate activity. Simply just becoming a couch potato for a week could be very detrimental, as one would be susceptable to detraining. Most coaches recommend “active-rest” during a week off of strength training…


i recommend not doing shit. ON my off weeks i eat what i want and dont lift anything other than the remote.

I often still go to the gym but only to do some light highrep work to get the blood flowing and a fair bit of steching. I find that works alright for me.

But don’t overdo it, twice during the “rest” week is enough.

Experiment to find what works for you.