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Rest Week Woes

I’ve taken my first rest week since January, and it went terribly. While resting from the gym was fantastic physically, my diet was shit. I ended up eating sporatically and much less calories than I intended (because I wake up about an hour later than normal, and went out with friends more this week). I checked the scales yesterday and I lost 7 lbs (I was 187 before and now I’m 180). Anyone ever have this problem? Will I regain much of this weight back in the next few weeks of training? My goal is to hit 200, and I think this is a relatively large setback if not. It took me 9 weeks to gain 11 lbs, and losing 7 in 1 week off is a real bitch!

you check anything else besides scales?

How about measurements or strength?

I don’t see it possible that you would lose 7 pounds of muscle in a week. It was most likely all fat and water. So probably no harm done. Make sure you’re going after quality muscle mass, and just not mass. Getting to 200 isn’t as sweet if you’re carrying some fat.

One last thought, did you recently stop taking creatine? It can add 10lbs of water weight is why I ask.

that sux, i feel for you bro.
as for the creatine thing, i find it usually takes a while for my water weight to drop (ie not a dramatic as when it is coming on in the load week), but yeah hopefully its just water/fat

I don’t take creatine, so I know it’s not that. I think some of it might be water because I definitely didn’t drink as much as I normally do. Hopefully it’s a little fat as well, and minimal muscle.