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Rest Times & Workout Nutrition


HI :slight_smile:

ill cut straight to the chasese
i weigh 140 pounds (lean)

im currently benching 77 pounds (35kg) 3 sets of 10 reps
i'm currently 'resting' 30 seconds between each set.. too little?


ive been reading about this Anaconda and insulin spike benefits

how does

w-10 chocolate milk (for an insulin spike) + 1.5g creatine
w+15 whey protein + 1.5g creatine
w+90 whey protein



What does your diet look like? I have the feeling beginner like you (no offense) focuses to much on supplement side of things/nutrition. In my opinion (IMO.

30 seconds between sets is pretty intense but if your not having troubles resting that short keep at it doing that. However, once you get into heavier weight you'll need to start resting a little more to recover.


my diet consists of food's such as meats, pastas, nuts, low sugar cereal in the mornings, eggs,
i try to keep protein intake up on off days and carb intake up on on days, whilst keeping low sugar and fat maintained throughout.


What does the entirety of your program look like? Surely you're not just benching.


35kg Bench 3x10
35kg Squat 3x10
20kg Bent Over Bar Rows 3x10


35kg Bench 3x10
35kg Squats 3x10
20kg Bent Over Bar Rows 3x10


35kg Bench 3x10
35kg Squat 3x10
20kg Bent Over Bar Rows 3x10

Rest 30 sec between each set


35kg Bench 3x10
35kg Squat 3x10
20kg Bent Over Back Row 3x10

Rest 30sec between each set


Well who doesn't eat those foods. Lay out a detailed day of what you eat.

Meal #1: 6 egg whites, 2 full eggs, 1-2 sausage links
Meal #2: Two handfuls of nuts, large banana
Meal #3: Two tuna wraps w/ lettuce, red pepper, onion, and cucumber
Meal #4: Protein Shake (3 scoops, banana, 700mL of milk, ice cream)
Meal #5: 500g Chicken breast, asparagus, and spinach
Meal #6: Cottage cheese along with green fuzzy apple.

This example from what you described what you eat is pretty much different, just saying.


Hi, I am also new to the whole working out hobby so to speak, but I have experienced friends and I can tell you one thing is that you should be doing a little less reps to gain strength first (around 5-8) and take more rest between sets. I have been doing that for 3 weeks now and I can see increases in my strength.


Why just 1.5g creatine/serving?


3g creatine a day? not enough?
im only 63kg or 140 pounds

also i've read from Nikhil Rao's article 'Catching up on Creatine' that creatine should be taken post workout
however Christian Thibaudeau said in one of his posts that it should be taken both Pre and Post workout (and 5g each serving)


i'm just worried about potential side effects from Creatine if I up the dosage too much, thats all


Also no Fuzzy Apple
I cant produce something that specific

Fuzzy, you seem to be a pretty nutritious guy.
eating hot thick potato chips for carbs.... besides the fat content and considering im skinny... not a bad cheat food for my workout days? once every blue moon


flyingstar, keep track of what you eat a couple of days so that you CAN produce something that detailed. Diet is extremely important if you're trying to gain.

Find a good "beginner" weight training program, (here, elsewhere, maybe pick up a copy of Starting Strength) then follow it.

doing 10-rep sets with only 30 seconds rest is nearly an aerobic workout. If you're trying big strength, try fewer reps (maybe go 5-8), bigger weight, and longer rests (couple minutes). Do more sets to keep the volume up.


I was wondering if you could actually that is all. However, for someone like yourself carbohydrates are your best friends. I myself tend to eat a lot of mashed and baked potatoes, rice along with a big helping of meats. If you use potato chips as your cheat meal time to time be sure to add some source of protein such as a peperoni stick. I find that I gain a lot of strength when I eat more than I used to.

Try to aim for 5g post workout to start. Do not worry about the "side effects" of creatine. They are very minimal and tend to go unnoticed. One that you may get is acute diarrhea that WILL clear up quickly. Be sure to focus on drinking at least 3-4L of water daily. Creatine has a natural ability to attract water in muscle tissue which requires you to drink an adequate amount of water.

Hope I have been a help to you.


3-4L of water ? :S thats insane !

my friend, a Brazilian Jujisu fighter benches 65kg 3x10 rest 30sec

the logic behind short rest times i think is your body gets used to quickly getting rid of lactic acid and in a fighting situation that is very useful

perhaps does it make us more prone to injury as our heart rates are still very much elevated after 30sec of 'rest' and during the 30 seconds we move around alot kinda like dance :stuck_out_tongue:

thoughts ?


What it is is what it is. Try drinking at least 3L for 3 days and tell me how you feel. Trust me you'll feel better if your not doing so already.

This is true. I think as well, short rest times have to do with your intensity and conditioning. Meaning you can go longer and or faster than someone compared to doing 35kg bench press 3x10 with 3 minutes rest between sets. You will not get bogged down by lactic acid build up in your muscles like you mentioned before. On a side note, people can learn to fight off the pain associated with lactic acid build up but takes practice :wink:

I do not think you will be prone to injury but say someone who lifts heavy weights with looong rest times for most of his/her life. If they start lifting like you do with short rest times will be more susceptible to injury due to them not being "properly" conditioned prior to the new workout. What I am trying to say if someone slowly gets into intense work with short rest periods over a period of time so their body adapts, prior, their susceptibility to injury from doing that form of work is decreased.

Hope I have been a help.