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Rest Times Between BBB Sets


Here’s my template:

Military Press (standard 5/3/1 style)
Bench press (Boring But Big) 80%TM, 5 sets of 5 reps

Deadlift (standard 5/3/1 style)
Squat (Boring But Big) 80%TM, 5 sets of 5 reps

Bench Press (standard 5/3/1 style)
Military press (Boring But Big) 80%TM, 5 sets of 5 reps

Squat (standard 5/3/1 style)
Deadlift (Boring But Big) 80%TM, 3 sets of 5 reps

I’m now on my 6th cycle of Wendler. On the first 3 cycles, I did 50%, 60%, and 70%TM respectively for the second exercise BBB. From 4th cycle onwards - on Jim’s recommendation - I lowered reps to 5 and increased to 80%TM.
However I’m a little unsure if it’s right to rest for just 2 minutes now that the weight is heavier, or else if I should increase.
To be honest the second exercise is hard going, i.e. doing 5 sets of 5 reps at 80%TM.
Any advice?

I’ve always done 90 seconds between 5x10 BBB sets but, coincidentally, am also about to start 5x5 for a few cycles. I had planned to bump the rest period to two minutes. I’m curious what the concensus winds up being here but if I went longer than two minutes I’d definitely want to superset with something, I think, to avoid the session running too long.

Just curious, why 3x5 on the DL?

I wouldn’t go to 80%.

Everything with 5/3/1 is set up in waves that get progressively heavier. Why not do waves with the BBB stuff?

So cycle 1 you did 50%.

Cycle 2 you did 60%.

Cycle 3 you did 70%.

Trivium’s proposed cycle 4 = 55%

Trivium’s proposed cycle 5 = 65%

Trivium’s proposed cycle 7 = 75%

The longer you go without stalling the better. By the time you get to cycle 7 you will be way stronger than your starting place.

You will not get weaker by taking 3 steps back to make 5 steps forward.

Or…You could just do 70% of your new training max and continually keep that percentage for the remainder of your program.

Really though man, it is just assistance. Don’t over think it.

I think it depends what yours goals are(yeah I know the answer to everything right?). But, when I was doing the original BBB I have done strict rest between sets and rested a little longer before the next set. Doing BBB(5x10) squats with strict 60 seconds of rest between sets gets pretty hard and can get you winded pretty good when you start pushing it.

Unless you have a problem staying on track in the weight room - dont worry about timing your rest periods. The stronger you become, the more time you need to rest between “sets with meaning”. Personally, with the main lift, it’s so damn important to me that I won’t let a stop watch determine when I should do it. Ill let my body and mind let me know.

I just walk around for a bit then go at it again. I don’t time it. On the main lifts i just take my time setting up the weights. Most of the time I’m good to go when I’m done. If I still need more time I go get a drink or something. But I don’t make it a job and micro manage everything. I already have one of those.