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Rest Time

Doing a 5x5 routine, am i better off resting for 60 or 90 seconds? I’m alternating muscles and pair opposites like chest and back. I do one set of chest rest 60 and one set of back and rest 60. Will resting 90 make me stronger while resting 60 is more of a hypertrophy thing. Are my goals in the workout to hit 5 times every set or rest a certain peroid and lift regardless of the reps i put up. Thanks.

When doing 5X5, I’d do no less than 2 minute rests - maybe 3 minutes for squats and deadlifts. Your 60-90 second rests are for your higher volume cycles.

depends on your goals bro.

personaly i rest 2-3 minutes because i want to be able to move just as much weight the 5th time as i did the 1st time.

yea so your target is to move 5 every set? i want to be strongggggg. to be able to move 5 i must rest 90 which is 3 min total.

wrote that wasted. ha