rest time?

Hi all

How many days rest would someone require to make good muscle gains.

I used to train 5 times a week, now I have been informed to drop back to 2-3!

My routine looks like==>

incline bench
tri pulldowns etc

2 days rest then

lat pul down
seated row
upright row
dumbell curls
rope curls
hyper ext

then another 2 days rest, and back to start


Could I get away with one day rest inbetween, and if I saty with 2 days rest am I really doing enough gym work (only once every 5 days per split!)

I am currently doing 3 sets x 6 reps on all excercises

Should I change to 4 sets of 6 ish

And yes, I dont work my legs :smiley:

Do a little cardio, bike, run for my legs… don tneed big legs :smiley:


work your legs

Ummmm you don’t work your legs? Why is that? Starts spraying you with his fire extinguisher…no offence but your routine bites ass! If you’re going to wimp out on legs at least don’t pick wimpy upper body exercises! Do chin-ups instead of lat pull downs. Do dips instead of tricep pull downs. And don’t do flies…do flys. Actually don’t even do them. I would look through the faq section before you post here again. Good luck. :wink:

I was going to comment and make a suggetion, UNTIL you made your leg comments.

Kickbacks…Where are the kickbacks!!!

Check out Christian Thibaudeau’s “How Often Should I Train Article.” I also believe Ian King has an article that would help you out as well.

probably should have also mentioned that I am new to this…

Doing excersises that I was given by someone that I thought knew what they were doing!

Will add dips and chinups… remove lat pull downs.

Thanks cpa5oh, will check out that article.

Why work those legs? They’re just the biggest, most powerful muscles in your body, and squats/Deadlifts are the only movements which naturally increase levels of natural steroids in your body (testosterone).

I mean why even figgin bother? Mr. Potato Head looks so much cooler with his twig legs and his oversized upper body, you’re sure to get laid.

Your upper body routine is ridiculous.

Here is what you SHOULD be doing if you’re looking for MASSIVE upper body development.

Day 1:

**Lateral Raises - want thick delts? This is your core movement
**Standing DB Biceps curls - cant beat a bicep curl for massive arms
**Seated DB biceps curls - this will add a new dimension to your bis and compound the gains from the standing biceps curls
**Standing Cable Biceps Curls - simply changing the resistance curve will add lbs to your arms
**BB biceps curls - this is your mass movement. 4 inches in 3 weeks right here.
**Swiss ball seated biceps curls - gotta train those bis in an unstable surface!
**Running biceps curls - Curls away as you sprint down your neighborhood. Your arms will thank you for it and the increased number of mitochondria will pack lbs due to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

Day 2:
** Calve raises. This is your mass movement, to be done first in your workout.
** Tricep pushdowns medium grip
** Tri pushdowns reverse grip
** tri pushdowns close grip
** Rope tri pushdowns
** Running kickbacks - Kickback away as you sprint through the entire neighboordhood!!!
** Running bent-over lateral Raise - Take flight with this top notch movement for the rear delts as you sprint away through the entire neighboorhood!!

Ok that was cruel.

Running kickbacks - Kickback away as you sprint through the entire neighboordhood! [/quote]

THAT was funny.

Defintely check out that article mentioned above, and while you are at it, take some time to read some of the other articles that are archived here. There is an incredible amount of great info on just about any topic you are interested in (diet, training methods, etc.). If you can’t find the info that you are looking for in any of the articles (which is doubtful), you should use the search engine to look for your answer in the forums.
It’s not that the people here don’t want to help, it’s just that all the info is already here, just waiting to be read! After you check out some articles, re-post your new plan with a couple more questions, and you will probably get a lot more answers.
Train hard and good luck!!!

Oh… and TRAIN THOSE LEGS. You won’t be sorry you did.


Upon further consideration, I have to go with Diesel. The running kickbacks are a killer exercise. I did them on my way to the gym. I ran the whole way.

Hey those were only suggestions. You don’t “have to” add them. Read more and then you will be able to make intelligent choices yourself…and also be able to ask better questions. Nevermind diesal he’s just being himself…which usually means hiting someone. :wink:

You know it’s no surprise why some guys wimp out on the legs. Lets see…Because it’s HARD!!! Why do something tough like a squat or a lunge, when you can do straight bar low cable curls all day. Work your legs PLEASE!!!

A penny for your squats.

It’s really dumb when you think about it. Some People will do upper body lifting and just lower body cardio. How about just lower body lifting and upper body cardio. Lift for your legs two times a week and then sit on your bike and do 5000 bicep curls with no weight. You wouldn’t do cardio bicep curls would you? So stop doing just cardio work for your legs.