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Rest Time Question


We are following a program and have various rest times between work sets but I’m never sure how long to rest after finishing the warmup set. Should this be the same as the time between work sets? Hope this makes sense.

This would depend on how much is going into these warmup sets.

In my case, I do 3 rep warmup sets with progressively heavier weights until I get near my work set. I find the time taken to change weight, and get a sip of water, and perhaps 10 seconds to get into position physically and mentally is all the “rest” needed.

If you’re following a pyramid scheme that includes higher reps then you may want to rest slightly longer, perhaps 30-60 seconds before the work set, however, you should not be warming up so much that you need to rest longer then a minute.

As a general rule I use the same length of time for rest between working sets for the warm up sets. This is warm up sets not “fatique” sets. You should be warmed up, if your heart is racing then you need rest till your heart rate comes down.

Just the answers I needed. Thanks guys. We vary between one and two warmup sets depending on what sort of work sets follow. The weight increases on each warmup set.

Thanks again