Rest Time Comparison for Growth

I was wondering if you had any new thoughts on rest times for muscle growth? I’m starting a new training cycle. Looking to put on the most muscle as possible. If you had to pick one, what would be more effective if there is any difference at all? - 3 sets of max reps (4-8 reps) with 2 to 3 min rest between sets.

Or, rest pause style with 20 seconds rest between? I just see lots of different opinions out there and would like to hear more opinions. Stuart Phillips says rest time does not matter. Thoughts?

2 to 3 mins is about right with heavy weights. Rest pause is draining if done on more than 20% of sets.

An equal number of sets with longer rest has been shown to be more effective for muscle growth. » What is the Ideal Rest Interval for Muscle Growth? Implications from Our Recent Study

But you can also get in more volume in an equal amount of time with less rest. So, it’s a balance.