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Rest Time Between Sets



I'm doing stronglift 5x5 for a while now ~ 4 months. I have gotten to the point where most of the lifts are challenging for me. To get 5 on each set I am having to take a long break in between sets > 5 minutes towards the end (for front squats especially) .

Should I not care about this, or drop the weight and take less time between sets?


It's absolutely normal to take long rest between heavy sets of compound movements.

Which version of SL are you doing? You know that once you get to 1,5xbw squat, it's time to move to the intermediate version, don't you?


yea its the beginner version,

i guess i should be moving soon the the intermediate version.


Do what you have to do to progress, and when you stall, go back to a shorter rest time.

The way you're doing it now is a good way to get used to moving heavier weight. Another way is to ramp up to one final heavy set. Several lifters here, myself included, have made a lot of progress by ramping.


Rest intervals should be about 2-5 minutes... What's more important is that you need to be consistent with it.


For strength work you want to take anywhere above 3 minutes for rest. Over 5 minutes is perfectly acceptable for heavy movements such as Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, etc. I wouldn't suggest taking way longer than 5 minutes though, as your muscles do need to stay warmed up to some extent. The reason for the long rests is when doing low rep work where the muscle is under tension for relatively short amounts of time (15 seconds or so), you are harnessing your creatine-phosphate energy pathway. This pathway is very powerful but also takes time to "recharge".