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Rest Periods

I read an article by coach CW, and he said that the rest period should be less then 2 minutes, and preferable between 60 - 90 sec.

is it ok if its less then 60 sec, lets say 30 sec. or the minimum should be 60???

That’s for his workouts, when not going to failure. If you’re trying to get 3 sets of 8 with all sets at or near failure you’re going to need to up the rest. For the record, I tried the WM and loved it, but now am on a traditional split hitting everything once a week and am blowing up.

Program and goal dependent etc. Many PL workouts etc. wehre going for Maximal loads and strength you will rest even 3-5 mins+


If he designed a program with rest periods of 60-90 seconds, you rest between 60-90 seconds. Simple as that.

It is quite short and and will only allow for a partial recovery, but that will most likely be an essential part of that specific program.