Rest Periods

could a knowledgable reliable member please outline for me different rest periods between sets and their effects on training?

so far i understand that longer rest periods facilitate greater CNS recovery, but i need some clarification for when and why you should rest for 60s vs. 120s vs. 180s etc.


What are your goals??

If looking to up work capacity etc be able to handle work in a short period of time etc rest minimal.

Hypertrophy in general. 60 seconds or so allowing enough rest to keep intensity high but also get compounding fatigue that will tax further and further muscle fibers.

Maximal strenght REST bro 3-5 minutes not to just let the muscle get ready but the CNS as you stated. so You can keep the intensity at its PEAK

But these are in the end all blanket. For maximal stuff experiment fid how you need to rest to long and well you may not be able to give it your all to long I get out of it Im ususlly good around 3 minutes for HEAVY sets.

The assitance work many times Ill stick to a strict 60 secs This allows me to gauge progress. If you rest longer and lift an extra rep that means Nothing.


[quote]8Man-Jax wrote:
could a knowledgable reliable member please outline for me different rest periods between sets and their effects on training?

We have no knowledgable reliable members on T-Nation (except for possibly Phill.) We all suffer from varying degrees of insanity.

as far as training goes…im all about doin it smart…but i would take insane advice over some watered down shit anyday

It is pretty much what Phil said.

For strength and power you want to be fresh so you can lift as much as possible each set, especially on the big exercises. It takes about 3-5 minutes for your ATP to near fully recharge and 5-8 minutes for your CP to near fully recharge, and the nervous system needs time to recover. So for strength and power you generally rest for 2-5+ minutes, at the upper end of the range for the big stuff and the lower end for the smaller stuff.

For size you want to train in a fatigued state to get the best hormonal response of Test and GH. To be fatigued you can’t rest fully but you have to be strong enough to lift relatively heavy. For most people that means 30 secs to 2 minutes, generally the type of workout that gives you a pump and the burn (although they are not mandatory).

For endurance, particularly multiple set endurance, you want to keep the rest short to challenge your recovery abilities and force your body to get efficient at recovery, so the rest is short, under 1 minute and often less than 30 seconds.

For weight loss you want to keep the heart rate up but still do some good work, it is usually a combo of size and endurance.

That is a quick answer without turning into too much of a textbook. Hope it is close to what you were looking for.

This is from Ian King-

  1. 0-30 sec= 50% metabolic recovery,

training method best suited for- General fitness, stability/control, general strength, metabolic-end hypertrophy.

  1. 30sec.-2min.= >90% metablic recovery
    best suited for- General strength, metabolic-end hypertrophy.

3.2-3min.= Near complete metabolic recovery.
best suited for- mixed metabolic-neural hypertrophy.

  1. 3-5min.= near complete neural recovery.
    best suited for- neural-end hypertrophy,metabolic end maximal strength, explosive power and quickness/ssc.

5.5-10min.= complete neural recovery
best suited for- Neural end maximal strength, explosive power and quickness/ssc.

Included with this is the statement that
“there is an inverse relationship between reps and rest period- the lower the reps, the longer the rest you should take. The higher the reps, the shorter the rest period required.”.

Crazy stuff, huh?