Rest Periods When Using Ladders?

I’m not sure which section to ask my question so forgive me if i’ve posted it in the wrong section.

I came across a couple of articles on using ladders, one of the articles mentioned taking 30 seconds rest between each set but didn’t mention what rest to take upon completing a ladder.

My question is once you have completed one ladder do you still just take a 30 second rest before starting your next ladder or do you take a longer rest period ?

There are different ways to do this. The classic method is the “I go; you go.” This means you do one rep, your partner does one rep, you do 2, your partner does to and so on. Or if training alone you’d rest for 10 seconds per rep you did on the previous set. So if you did 3 reps you’d rest 30 seconds. Although the way you’re currently doing it (30 seconds) is fine too. As for rest between ladders it’s usually recommended 2 to 5 minutes, however when doing them with a partner I have often just started over when it was back to my turn. It’s really not super important, ladders work extremely well regardless of which method you use so you can fool around and see what you like best.

Thanks for the reply that’s very helpful, i think i’ll give myself either 1 or 2 minutes rest between ladders as i think that will allow me to progress better than using a shorter rest period.