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Rest Periods - How Long?


I was squatting today. And I just did 315 for one rep. This is near my max so I was wondering...should I really be resting 3-5 minutes...I think 3 minutes is the most i should rest cause i really find myself after 4mintutes losing much focus on the task at hand and usually just going along with the beat of the song and not thinkniga bout my squat (visualizing). What do you guys think??



Check out today's "Cool Tips" from Chad Waterbury!!


You can do heavy singles with a 60 second break in-between. Read Singles Club by the aforementioned Chad Waterbury.


I've started cycling rest periods just like cycling different reps and sets. I used to take 2 to 3 minutes no matter what I was doing. After years of that I noticed I was really out of shape. Going to 60 second rests especially on squats, cleans, or deads is very hard at first. But after a few weeks of it, you find all your strength is there as before and your in a heck of a lot better shape.


Agreed; that will answer your question.


I watch the clock and only rest 60 seconds between anything.


what's rest?


Yeah 60 seconds is it. I'll rest 90 if I've done a superset or a set of 21s or something.


interesting. but I think Waterbury's losing it. I'd give my left nut if he could produce a speed skater or any other athlete with wheels better than platz's


Looks to like the post is made by Charles Poliquin not Waterbury although, Waterbury is still the shizle in my book.

I rest no more than 30-60 sec on any thing. GOOD LUCK!!!