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Rest Period?

I always see when you lift heavy you should weight about 2-3min between lifts, but my question is if i pair 1 heavy lift with a body weight exercise (like say Full Sit ups) to just keep my heart rate up is that acceptable?

Like for instance, id do my Benching wait 1.5 mins then do a set of body weight pulls ups (save the weighted ones as a “heavy lift”) and then after the pull ups wait 1 min and go back to the bench… good way to do things or just stupid?

Good way to do things.

The 2 minute wait is more for when you’re moving HEAVY ASS WEIGHT and need that time to be at your best to lift more HEAVY ASS WEIGHT.

If you’re posting on the beginner’s forum, you’re probably not moving that much, so it’s absolutely cool to pair your heavy lifts with a lighter exercise… so long as they work antagonists (bench and pullup, good example. Bench and pushup… not so good an example).