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Rest Period Between Sets?

Just wanted to know how long I should be resting between sets? I’m currently on an 8(sets)X4(reps) for large muscle groups (i.e. chest, legs, back) and
5-6(sets)X4(reps) for smaller muscle groups (i.e. shoulders, bi, tri). I complete 4 reps per set with a weight equal to my 6 rep max. Also, for the most/quickest mass gain do you think this scheme sounds about right or would something like 6X6 be better, performing 6 reps per set with a weight equal to my 8 rep max, and in that case what would my rest between sets be?

Current split:

-Flat bench 8X4
-Cable row with V-attachment 8X4

-Standing Barbell Shoulder Press 6X4
-Close Grip Bench Press 6X4
-EZ Curls 5X4

-Squat 8X4
-Stiff Deadlift 4X4

Finally, now that I’ve recently switched back to training heavy (6 rep max) I’ve noticed that the outer edge of my forearms hurt like hell when performing curls. I’m using the EZ bar for now. I was using the straight bar (olympic, actually the bench bar) before, but it seemed to be even worse with the straight bar. It’s just the outer edge of each forearm (pinky side). Any ideas here? Should I be concerned? Pain seems to peak right before/as I release my grip after performing a set.

For strength goals, however long you need to be prepared for your next set.

Usually <2min for beginners, <2min for intermediate and advanced lifters.

For body composition goals, usually a minute or less, depending on the size of the set (15-rep sets I take 90sec rests…and rarely do 15-rep sets).

stop doing curls immediately. ive got the same thing. it is a hairline stress fracture

I have no idea about the forearm pain. My only recommendation there is see a doctor if it continues.

In regards to rest. I have always stuck to 60 to 90 second breaks when doing rep ranges between 4 and 10. When doing singles, doubles or triples I stick with 2 minute breaks. Seems to keep a good balance between the muscles being ready to work and still getting a solid work out. I believe the big key is to keep rests consistent from week to week so you get an accurate gauge of your improvements.