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Rest-Pausing Bulgarian Split Squats...


... makes my legs wobble.

That is all. In 11 weeks time I'll report on whether they are also productive in some way.


hardcore. DB or BB version? Use straps if DB version or your grip wont be holding on the 3rd RP section.

if you really want to get better sets on BSpSq you might want to try using the standing calf raise machine.

On most of them you can rig it up so the shoulder pads are your weight and you put a box behind it and go nuts without worrying about balance.



DB. My grip is fairly strong and my legs are fairly pussy, so that's not an issue. Yet. I'm sure it will be when I get into the 80s and 90s. That's the fun in RPing; the weights go up so fast. That, and the wobbly legs thing.

Gym doesn't have a calf raise machine, but that's a cool idea. Would force you to maintain good posture throughout the set.


Bulgarian SpSqs are one of those love/hate things. Oh god.. I nearly cried today. :frowning:


Probably my least favorite exercise in the world. I want to pass out and spill my lunch out every time I do them.


yeah the paws of steel are soon found wanting when it comes to this type of shit. once oyu get to the second leg I only know one dude, who is a national level climber, that has a hard enough grip with DB's that actually tax the legs. PLus i think it's more important to be worrying about balancing and pushing with the foot than to be worrying about gripping.



I find that doing them in front of a mirror is key to keep your balance. You also need to take the time before you start your set to "screw" your working leg into the floor, just like a moment to find the right balance then start lowering the weight. One problem I've noticed in myself is that I need to watch out that I don't use my non-working leg so much. Even though it's up on a box in an awkward position when my dominant leg is up there I tend to push with it too much.


My butt hurts after them. Other than that, fantastic exercise.


My ass and quads hurt after them for about 4 days. My adductor magnus usually hurts 6 days after. They make me feel springy and quick after DOMS has eased. What a great movement.

What kinda numbers you guys getting?

Last session: 2x 77lb dumbbells for 3 sets of 8 reps at 187 bw.


Rest-Pausing Bulgarian Split Squats? Sounds like a recipe for losing your lunch.

And I love it.