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Rest Pause?

I have tried rest pause training in the past with low reps of 4. This gave big strength increases for a while. Am thinking of trying it with say reps of 20. Does anyone have experience of high rep rest pause training, or do you think this would just lead to over-training? Thinking of a full body, twice a week schedule of this sort for a while.

I imagine that obviously the training would be very exhausting to srtart with. The idea is to bulk though with lots of calories so my recovery should be good. I might just give it a stab for a laugh.

I see no reason why not to use it as a TOOL. now every w/o or even weekly maybe no but throw it in from time to time cycle it in for a High in tensity/volume week.

give it a go no telling without trying. I mean its essentially like doing breathing squats.


You may be intersted in learning about Doggcrap training which relies heavily on rest pause techniques for most muscles. Try intensemuscle.com and there was/is a thread by Harris about his experiences with DC on here.