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Rest-Pause with Drop Sets?

I saw a Training Method that was new to me that mixes rest pause with a drop set.

  • Pick a weight you can do 6 to 8 max reps with. Go to failure, rest 20 seconds, go to failure, rest 20 seconds, go to failure…now drop the weight by 25% and repeat for 3 more mini sets.

So an example would look like this:
DB bench press

80lb x 8 reps

Rest 20 sec

80lb x 4 reps

Rest 20 sec

80lb x 2 reps

Rest 20 sec

60lb x 7 reps

Rest 20 sec

60lb x 3 reps

Rest 20 sec

60lb x 2 reps

How do you feel about this for muscle growth and also for a natural trainee? Thank you

Look up Thib’s ‘Best Damn Natural’ articles

I’ve seen them. I’m wondering about the rest pause drop set

Once a week or fortnight perhaps but not every workout.

Only if you correspond to the specific neurotype in Thibs classification.
For most people going 5 times beyond failure is complete overkill

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Any context in terms of your training program?

How often do you train ? Body part split or something else?

Is this going to be THE SET for the day (a la Best Damn) after a little warm up or are you going to do 14 other sets and then finish off with this (a la Meadows style body part split)?

How many exercises per workout / week are you going to be doing this for?

Eating plenty or trying to cut?

It’s impossible to just ask “is this good?” Without many other pieces of info.

The more you go beyond failure, the harder on the CNS the exercise becomes. So it’s only a method I would recommend for isolation exercises. And MAYYYYYBE multi-joint machine work. And only doing 1 work set.

And definitely limit it to 2-3 weeks.