Rest-Pause/Widowmaker for Assistance Exercises

Jim, I seem to remember that somewhere you answered yes to the question of whether it makes sense to do assistance exercises in the rest pause rep scheme.

So, in your opinion/experience, does it make sense to do 20 rest pause reps with a weight with which I normally do 10 reps?

For example, instead of

Chins: 5x10
Dips: 5x10
Hanging leg raises: 5x10


Chins: 1x20 (rest-pause/widowmaker)
Dips. 1x20 (rest-pause/widowmaker)
Hanging leg raises: 1x20 (rest-pause/widowmaker)

Does this make sense in relation to the assistance requirements from the 5/3/1 Forever book (in the example above 50 reps for each push, pull and single leg/core)? Or should more/less reps be done?

(P.S. Please give us more of Locust Whip. That shit is awesome!)

Maybe I should explain briefly what I want to achieve with this approach.
Since I have to plan my time very well (I have a lot of things to do besides training), I want to save time with the rest pause assistence sets and still do my assistance exercises without skipping them completely.

An answer would help me a lot. Thanks!

This may help or at least give you some ideas.


Thank you for the answer. I read this article (like most of Jim’s) and there one of the main exercises is done in the Widowmaker style. But I wonder how it can be applied to assistance exercises (dips, chins, reverse fleece, etc., all of which are listed in the book 5/3/1 Forever).

That article also has chinups, curls and tricep extensions all down rest-pause as well. So take a look there again, try a few exercises in the same way and see how it works for you.

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