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Rest Pause Training


Are you limited on how many times you do it a week? Cause its very taxing on your CNS, and can it be done for any exercise? For example im lacking in shoulder strength, when i do seated BB press can i do it with that? I know how to do it and what it is but when and what


Well, for example, Doggcrapp training is entirely rest-pause training (with a few exceptions), so I don't really get this. I've done RP for my assistance lifts on 5/3/1. Just incorporate it however you feel. I wouldn't suggest doing it with major lifts like squats, deads, and the like, but I've found it works great for smaller muscle groups and isolation exercises.


yea i wasnt going to for big exercises, what about OH pressing?


I personally wouldn't do it with barbell pressing, but I've done it with dumbbells just fine.


I'm in the beginning phase of trying it out for 5/3/1 assistance. Right now, I currently only use it for press, bench press, and dips. I'm going to see what results I get; if I start getting weaker, I'll cease them. Just looking for a way to get some quality work in faster.