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Rest Pause Question

When doing rest pause for isolation lifts for maximum hypertrophy, when do you know when to bump up and progress in weight for following sessions?

Say I’m doing curls or triceps extensions and I do 10 reps, rest 20 seconds, 4 reps, rest 20 seconds, and finish with 2 reps. That’s a total of 16 reps. Is that time to bump up in weight for following workout or should I reach a higher rep total of 20 or 25 reps before I bump up?

Personally I would only use the number of reps of the first straight set before rest pause. If you aim for the regular 8-12 reps on the first, add weight when you can do 12 reps before rest pause. That or whatever your goal number is.

Appreciate the response. Thibs can you give me your advice when you get a chance? Thanks

I’ve been travelling to Singapour… 19 hours flight then had to recover from the flight.

Honestly with rest/pause progression isn’t actually that important provided that you hit failure it will work. Even if on one week you use less weight, if you hit failure it will work. Only add eight if you feel a good quality contraction with the new weight.