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Rest Pause on Kroc Rows?


Has anyone ever tried?
Was wondering if it made sense. Something like, pick a weight you can do 25-30 reps max, then rest pause until you hit 40-45 reps total


I do them sort of rest pause but not letting go of the dumbbell. I’ll do 20 sets until I reach momentary muscular failure in my pulling muscles still holding on to the dumbbell and wait till I can pull it up again. Normally if I reach failure at 20 I can get a further 15 reps out with minor form deterioration. Set will take a while but back and especially forearms will be torched from the time under tension.


Personally I think Kroc rows are B.S. but that is just my opinion. Maybe B.S. is too strong of a word lets say way overrated.


Most people have decided they are just going to call any high rep row a kroc row. You barely ever see the shoulder dip that was critical to he movement.


I usually use a weight that I can lift for about 25 reps with acceptable form, then put the weight down for a few seconds (like, 3-4 quick deep breaths) and pick it back up to crawl to 30 reps with good form.
Was wondering about reaching 40-45 reps

That’s interesting, what’s your opinion and what exercises you prefer?

You mean when at the end of the rep you let the shoulder drop down and feel the scapula like sliding outwards/deataching from the ribcage (lol)?


My problem is… I have with it I is ,never understood the actual purpose for most to do them . Or should i say… how are they more superior than some one doing DB rows for multiple sets of say ten reps with actually more weight with better quality reps?

The only selling point being that Kroc did them… Im too old to base my opinion on a exercise based on hero worship over logic.


Superiority through INTENSITY!


Yeah but I still can generate Intensity on fewer reps along with more work volume.


I agree with you man. Kroc rows were named what they were named because they were a full body row. If anyone watched his old videos back when he trained in his garage and shit, you’d see his whole body was involved. Also, he did them with 200-300+ pounds for reps. Now, every teenager gets on the boards writing kroc rows are the best, kroc row kroc row and they are using like 50 pounds for a set of 20. Until you can row the heaviest dumbbell in your gym for a good controlled high rep set to the point to where you have to engineer your own dumbbell to hold more weight, stick to calling them dumbbell rows. Just my .02.


Also, I don’t know why people say “DON’T USE STRAPS ON A KROC ROW BLAH BLAH!” Again, if you look back at his old vids, he uses straps on his working sets.


I totally agree with this.


This exactly!!:clap:

Hell the whole reason Kroc started doing high reps sets to begin with… because the gym he was going to at the time didnt have heavy enough weight for him to get a training effect.


I think the idea behind is that they’re used as a secondary tool to improve the main lifts, where the lats work as stabilizers. And working as stabilizers, it’s useful to train them with a high number of reps - that’s the logic I’ve read around about Kroc Rows. I know he came up with those after he consistently missed the lockout with his heavier deads.
I think they’re good as mass builders too, but I don’t think they’re the best option for pure strength - Pendlay shoud take the cake, there.

Not sure what’s the point in that, tho.
If you do a dumbbell row, you call it a dumbbell row.
Once you start dumbbell rowing with more scapular activation, more rom and for very high reps, you call them Kroc Rows.
It’s just more practical for sake of argument imo, don’t understand why how much weight you use is important. Kroc could rep 200-300lbs, fine, but if you do the same thing with a weight scaled to your strength level, what’s the matter?

Well, again from what I’ve read around… Kroc is Kroc. He is (was) a pro powerlifter of elite level, so he perfectly knew what he could dare and what not.
The argument against straps on Kroc Rows is that grip is like a fail-safe, as long as your natural grip holds, you can row. With straps, your grip is artificially enhanced - which could cause biceps tears or ruptures with that movement.
I don’t have straps so I’ve never really pondered on the subject but it makes sense to me to avoid straps if possible and use them only if you really know how far you can go.
It’s like, just because Konstantinovs deadlifts with a rounded back, doesn’t mean everyone can afford to do it.


Rows are highly personal.

I’m skeptical of Pendlay Rows, Yates Rows and Kroc Rows.

I believe in Starr Shrugs and Karwoski Rows.

Do the ones you like.

-Shooting for total reps instead of more structured reps per set style is a fun way to “change up” training.


I actually know a guy on here taking that approach on allot of his secondary stuff.:wink:


Question… @atlashrugged what type of weight are you talking about using on these Kroc rows anyway?


Currently, 26kg (57lbs) for 25-30 consecutive reps, depending on how taxed I am from the previous exercise. My gym has dumbbells up to 36kg (80lbs) and I have no plans to take a custom dumbbell to the gym once I reach that amount lol




Im not saying a word…


Man, I appreciate your contribution like anyone else’s, but I really fail to see your point.
You’re basically saying that, even if the movement is the same, I should not call them Kroc Rows but something like dumbbell rows with more rom and high reps, because the weight I use is not comparable to the one used by Kroc.
Which is (other than being unpractical to write every time) like saying that because Eddie Hall deadlifts 1000 pounds, anything below that weight range is not a true deadlift.

I don’t see this forum as a dick measuring contest honestly, that’s the weight that my current strength level allows. It’s been steadily increasing, it will increase, but my common sense tells me I won’t row more weight if I don’t row THAT weight first, unless there’s some secret formula that allows to suddenly row 200lbs.
These talks are pointless. They go like “I can lift X” - “Oh yeah I can lift 2x” - “Yes but I could punch through your skull” - “Yes but I could stab you in the eyes” - “Yes but I could shoot you in the face”, I’m too old for this lol.

Also, I still had no answer to my question.
Has anyone ever tried rest pause with dumbell rows with more rom and high reps up to 40-45 reps?
If yes, how did it work? If not, what do you do instead?