Rest Pause Method

Hello CT,

Short question, I sometimes incorporate a rest Pause set , which means I take a weight I can lift 6-8 times, lift it as often as I can, short pause 10-30 sec and then go for 2-4 reps more.

However on pressing exercises I am only able to do 1 more while with squats or whatever I can do 2-4 again.

What do you say to that ? Should I take longer pauses on pressing exercises ?

  1. It can be that on the squat you have more large muscles involved and you can more easily compensate when one is fatigued

  2. It can be a fiber make-up thing: the lower body seems to b able to perform more reps at the same percentage

  3. It could be that you are a more preeminent weak link in the pressing movements

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Mhm thank you for your quick response and ideas.

I thought that it’s maybe due to the fact that in pressing movements the muscles are under tension while in squats you take pauses between reps and breathe ? = no tension on the squatting muscles

Well during a true rest pause the body should be unloaded. Which means re-racking the bar

Yes of course CT , I mean there is a difference between pressing and squat exercises and the difference is that in pressing exercises like bench / overhead your pressing muscles are constantly under tension , you can never really rest , while with squats you can just stand , and than squat again. Expect you do squats as constant tension variation with no lock out. I think for pressing exercises you always have the tensions because your pressing muscles never get pause.

Long text hope you understand what I mean …