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Rest-Pause Method


what's a good rest pause method to follow? i would like to incorporate it in my 531 program for hypertrophy purposes.


Rest pause is the method.


Well you can tailor it to your specific goals. For example, powerlifters or those focusing on strength can limit the reps in the rest pause whereas a bodybuilder can increase the reps. So let's say you can bench 225 for 8-10... for a bb'er you can keep 225, do 10 the first set, wait 15 seconds, go for as many as you can, wait 15 seconds and then go for as many as you can.

A powerlifter would pick a heavier weight and focus on getting 1-3, resting, and so forth. Or even picking a rep you can do 1 time and going for 10 with rest in between. There are many different variations you can use. My best advice is to read up on rest-pause then decide what your goals are and how to manipulate the rest pause to fit what you are trying to accomplish.


were you thinking of rest-pausing your main lift or your assistance?

did you read the 5/3/1 book? wendler advises following the program as laid out. rest-pause is really taxing and might detract from your progress on the main lifts.

what is your rationale behind wanting to add rest-pause?


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Wendler approves of rest-paused assistance work. Go to town.


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The 531 FAQ adresses this question. Search for it on elitefts.


RP is just a (very good) protocol,IMO you have to tailor it to your specifical purposes.
IMO if you are after a bb strenght increase you could try to use about 90% of your 1rm and lift
,rack it, rest 20' and lift ,rack,rest and lift until you can (usually about 4/5 reps).
with this kind of RP lactic acid production is very low and you reach the failure with your CNS,strenght increases but a little bit hard on jojnts.
then there are DC RP; choose a load you can lift for 8 reps,failure,rack it, rest 20/30',4/3 reps,rack it&rest,squeeze enother 1 or 2 reps.
after the main set you can add enother RP set with (of course) less weight a/o with different reps range.

BIG respect to Wendler but my experience with RP is different;I use it and BB strenght increases (in a 5/8 range reps) are very linear and it extend also to different excercises,for example I stalled (after a good strenght gain,30lb plus on the bar in 2 months) on inclined press then no matter how I increase food qty and no matter how I try hard to lift,no progress,then I switched (for two months) to decline press,progress and today -just to touch with bare hands- i did inclined,well 3kg more (7lb) and two reps more,all this after two months of totally no incline....
so,if I'm stronger in 5/8 reps range how can I become weaker on 1/3 reps range??????
enlight me,pls.


fd24, how many sets do you recommend for the bodybuilder's rest pause?

im doing the rest pause protocol on assistance work only not the main lifts


I love rest pause and I use it pretty frequently...so for example yesterday I started my chest workout on the incline bench...did a couple of warm up sets and maybe a working set or two depending on how I feel. I went 245 for 10 rested 10-15 seconds then got 5, rested 10-15 and then got 3 so in total I got 18 reps for that "set". I don't really use an exact number to go for but I always try for 10 on that first set, try for 6, and then I'll take anything I can get on the last set anywhere from 1-3 because at that point I'm pretty gassed.


fd24, thanks for the help. how would you incorporate or what exercises you would do rest pause with in these setup:

MP- 5/3/1
db press
side lateral raise
barbell curl
preacher curl

deadlift- 5/3/1
Bent over rows

tricep pushdown


what exercises you recommend i do rest pause with on each day and how many sets for the rest pause?


I only do it for one exercise/body part and one set of it per workout...it is a very taxing exercise...First day I'd do it for chest press unless you wanna use it for biceps that day and either or would be fine...second day I'd pick between rows and lat pulldown (I was actually just watching a video of dave tate doing it for lat pulldowns here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHInGtcWTF8&feature=player_embedded#at=33 ... I'd choose between bench and dips for third and leg press or extension on the last. You really can use any exercise, I myself like it for incline bench, leg press, skullcrushers...just find which ones you like best


I wonder how many people actually use it? Whenever I want a lift to increase that is that I do and bam few weeks later its increased alot, I like the DC method for it the best.


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ok,could you enlighten me pls?