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Rest-Pause Insanity, Too Much for Recovery?

Im wondering if im overdoing it with this routine, been doing it for a week now and love the workouts and the intensity, but i don’t know if its too much too recover from, i’ll see that in the weeks ahead but thought i’d get some insight from more experienced people.

Basically, the workouts are:
Chest: 1 isolation exercise and two pressing movements, all done with triple rest pause.
Back: 1 lat pulldown, 3 cable row variations, all done with triple rest pause.
Shoulders: 6 isolation exercises for lateral and rear delts, one press, all rest pause.
Arms: 1 pushdown, 2 french press variations, 1 dip, 4 curling varations, all done with rest pause method.
I should add that i only do one triple rest pause set per exercise. I also try to do at least 10-12 reps on the first part of the rest pause set to make it lower impact, as opposed to using very heavy weights.
So the cycle is 3-4 weeks using rest pause, then doing a rest pause drop set on two exercises per bodypart for 1-2 weeks, then taking a week off.

Any critizism would be greatly appreciated.

This is every workout? What about your lower body? How many workouts per week? This would leave me wrecked. If it doesn’t leave you wrecked you have excellent recovery, or aren’t pushing to genuine failure.

Why not find a ready-made routine that includes rest-pause, that way you wouldn’t have to guess about its adequacy/inadequacy.

This is sort of DC, sort of myo-reps. Assuming you’re not working each bodypart >2x/week or thereabouts, and you’re giving your biceps and triceps tendons the respect they deserve, you should be fine.

I mean if it works and you enjoy it, do it. The only thing I’d say is that’s roughly 2.5-3x the volume of DC and DC is unquestionably effective

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Any advice here?

My advice is, awareness. Consider: Most of us wouldn’t dream of adopting a split that required intense Biceps work three days in a row. I mean, that’d be nuts, yes? Well, if a split mandates heavy pulling for Back one day, heavy DB flies for Chest the next, and heavy curls for direct Biceps work the third, that’s exactly what it’s doing. So, when planning or contemplating a program, be aware of the demands it will place on your biceps and triceps tendons, and judge it accordingly.


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