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Rest Pause for Hypertrophy/Strength Maintenance in Cutting Cycle

Hey coach!
So I just got done with a great strength cycle and I’m going to cut 40 lbs now. I have always preferred intensity over volume, so my weird question is: Do rest pause sets count as intensity or volume? I typically do 2 sets, one light warm up and one all out rest pause set to failure 2x (ex. 8 reps, rest 30 seconds, 4 reps, rest 30, 1-3 reps). My question is, since I’m in a caloric deficit and I want to control volume and maintain my strength, is this a viable approach? 5-8 movements with one very hard set each. I want to come out of this stronger then when I went in.
Details - 35 years old, 270 lbs, 5’10"
Bench: 325 (FINALLY)
Squat: 425
Dead: 500

Does it really matter what it counts as? You have 3 main variables.

Intensiveness (how hard you push yourself close to your limit on a set)
Intensity (how much weight you use relative to your maximum)

Rest/Pause would have a very high level of intensiveness.

The intensity would depend on the weights you are using (you can do a rest/pause with 90% of your max on the bar or with 60% of your max on the bar and everything in between. The former would be a very high intensity while the second would be low).

The volume would depend largely on the weights used and the number of sets. If you use 70% and can get 10-12 reps followed by 5 more after the pause the “volume per set” will be higher than if you do 6-8 reps followed by 3 more after the pause. Similarily, if you do 4 work sets the volume will be high and if you do 1 it will be low.

What you describe seems to me to be low volume/high intensitivity/moderate intensity. Which is a very good approach when dieting down.

Thanks coach!
Rest pause is my jam, I just needed the go ahead from my favorite coach.