Rest-Pause Challenge: RP Sets After Main Lift?

This seems like a dumb question but Wendler’s article about his Rest Pause Challenge (which is also in his book which I own) doesn’t specify whether r/p is done for upper body lifts after completing regular 5/3/1 sets. His description reads: Bench Press 65% x RP-- 3x5. It is confusing because in Week Three he does specify 5/3/1 reps/sets. I am no internet dummy and endless searches do not answer this question. Thanks in advance. I am posting this question in as many forums possible

If you’re talking about the 2 day per week 6 week Rest- Pause Challenge uploaded to TN, then by the time you finish the article it shows you hit PRs and then do a Rest Pause or Widowmaker set at FSL weights.

Otherwise, which 5/3/1 edition do you have? Because it has been mentioned in both Beyond 5/3/1 and 5/3/1 2nd Edition.

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Thanks for the response! I have both of those books. I guess the sample workout laid out in the article threw me off on whether I should still follow the standard 5/3/1 principles for all weeks.


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Just an FYI, his second bullet answers your question.