Rest-Pause Challenge Questions

I know several of you have done this, so just a couple of clarifications before I begin this - I plan to do 6 weeks, deload, 6 more weeks.

  1. Barbell Triceps Extension - is this behind the head and standing up, lying down, seated on a bench? Never done these standing with a barbell, so I wanted to verify.

  2. Eating - I’ve upped to 6-7 meals the last cycle and put on 7 pounds of fat (which I’m fine with, I’m a skinny guy) and now my metabolism has caught up and I’ve leveled off and am maintaining my weight. When doing a challenge, how can you tell if you are eating ‘enough’ besides obvious weight loss?

  3. The FSL sets on squats - if I do breathing squats, that can add about 5 more reps - if that the goal? It just means a little vomit in the mouth, but I’ll need to be prepared.

Thanks in advance,