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Rest-Pause Assistance Work?

I know you usually don’t like to comment on other programs such as 531. But if you were doing 531 would you recommend to use rest pause on the assistance lifts and isolate the muscles involved in the main lift? (If hypertrophy is the goal) If so, would you still recommend six to eight reps for Naturals or could I go higher without effecting cortisol?

I think this is somewhat similar to the size and strength program where you work up to one all out set on the main lift and then rest pause muscles involved in the rest of the workout.

Thank you

I wouldn’t do 531. I’m saying that it’s not a good program. It just doesn’t fit my profile. I tried it once and stopped after less than 2 weeks because it was killing my motivation

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Ask Jim, he has a coaching forum. As you mention I do not comment on other programs, much less tell people how to adjust someone else’s program.

Well let me ask you this. If I do like 531 for the main lift and feel like I’ve progressed pretty good on it and also decide to do rest pause I guess my question is can rest pause training the assistance lifts have a negative effect on the strength of the main lifts. If so I will do a more traditional assistance protocol

Not if the volume is adequate. Nothing is ever all black or al white. Just because you are doing rest/pause doesn’t automatically kill progress… just like it doesn’t automatically give you better gains.

Thank you for your answers. I appreciate it

There is a 531 Rest Pausa Challenge.
It should give you an idea how to combine it with 531