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Rest-Pause and Training Frequency Question


Hey CT!

In your “5 Secrets of Building Muscle” you state that “others need more frequent stimulation with less volume per session to get maximal growth.” Knowing now what you know about failure/rest-pause work, do you think this still hold true. And if so, what do you think is the optimal split to hit everything twice (at least) a week if one can only go to the gym 4 times a week?

I’ve been toying around and came up with the following ideas:

Day 1: Chest and back: 1 heavy chest pressing ramping up to 2-3 RM 8-9 RPE, 1 isolation chest exercise, 2 lat exercise.

Day 2: Shoulders and legs: 1 squat variant (ramping to 2-3 RM 8-9 RPE), 1 quad isolation exercise, 1 hamstring isolation, 2 delt isolation exercise.

Day 3: Chest and back 2: 2 chest isolation exercise , 1 mid-back exercise , 1 upperback exercise

Day 4: Delts and arms: 2 delt isolation exercise, 1 biceps exercise, 1 triceps exercise

All the isolation work would be rest-paused. (Legs is only once because it grows easily for me and to keep CNS recovery in check).

Or should I just go with an upperbody/lowerbody/upperbody split with heavy CNS work on the 4th day?

Could you please give your opinion about it? Or what do you suggest would be the best 4 day split if you want to hit everything twice? Or with rest-pause, once a week of everything is enough? Thanks in advance for your answer and effort!