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Rest in Peace Stan Lee

I know we have a lot of comic book fans here. My handle here is a play on “The Punisher”, the emblem of which I have tattooed on my body, and every year I have to clear out my old Punisher t-shirts to make room for new ones here. My training log is an homage to The Juggernaut. I watched the x-men animated series through my 2 weeks ACL post op. This was my childhood. I am gutted, but it is not unexpected. He made it to 95.

Rest in peace Stan.


Sad news. I don’t normally think much about the loss of a celebrity, but Stan Lee has been such a huge part of my life. My son and I read Marvel books almost every night and we’ve started bonding over Avenger’s Secret Wars.

Stan was the man.



It goes without saying Stan’s creations probably has motivated many a person to start lifting (myself included)


As a kid who grew up thinking stan Lee created everything worthwhile, this is a pretty sad day.

As a professional animator who has plenty of friends still in the comics and film industry and talks to other professionals on a fairly regular basis, I can’t help but think of how badly Stan lee screwed people over throughout the years before and after their deaths, and how 99.9% of anyone who has heard his name have no idea how much he’s reviled in most Professional circles (they won’t put it Online though!) . I am sure Jack Kirby and Steve ditko are waiting in the afterlife to punch Stan in the stomach.



I’ve known the things Stan had done, but honestly felt the day of his passing wasn’t the time to lament it. I at least hope others would do the same for me upon my passing.


I’m old enough to remember the launch of the revised 90s xmen comic. This was the first piece of creative work my friends and I ever picked up and discussed the ins and outs of that universe. Up until then we would just talk about crap like whether we would rather face alien, predator or ED209 in a fight.

Vale Stan, thanks for your imagination and for helping to expand the minds of millions of young children.


True… I’ve got weird feelings. Always a sad day when anyone who has had an impact on our childhood passes.



Yeah …my youngest text me telling me about it. He was pretty bummed since one of his dreams was meeting Stan.

Whoop, how did I miss this? Was surprised that nobody had made a topic. Guess this is why…


A love/hate piece by Alan Moore in 1983. If you didn’t know, Alan Moore wrote Watchmen, which is so much better than that trash movie I can’t even begin to explain, and V for Vendetta, among other works, and I consider him to be the greatest graphic novel writer of all time.

On a side side note, read Neil Gaiman’s 1602 - the Marvel universe in the year 1602. Wonderful. Sorry, I’m still a geek.

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My Youngest tribute…



Sounds like Stan was the Joe Weider of the comic world.

I would not go that far…

Yeah Joe Weider was a massive douche, more so than anyone in the world of comics.

Marvel wasn’t the only Comic publisher that had issues. I just saw a documentary about Bill Finger, the other uncredited creator(until relatively recently) of Batman.

Oh man, almost everyone in comics knew that bill finger did pretty much everything. Kane had a contract with DC and he hired finger. The contract said that Kane would receive sole creator credit, and was upheld despite common knowledge being otherwise forever. Of course Kane fed into the illusion as much as he could, and is certainly more of a backstabbed and credit stealer than Stan lee.


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I think stuff gets blurry considering how they did things back in the day at marvel if I understand correctly . Where they would start with a really rough story idea . Artist would draw it up and Stan would finish up the wording .

Yeah but if you start chasing down the rabbit hole you get countless accounts of artists telling how stan never knew what was going on in the comics and just pasted the word balloons according the notes the artists wrote in the lge margins.


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Yeah I have heard that .

If you want a great Stan Lee book to read to commemorate the man, pick up the collab he did with Moebius for the silver surfer. Marvellous.