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Rest In Peace, KK

Apparently Konstantin Konstantinos died today. Not quite sure what has happened at this time, as most of the reports are in Latvian or Russian. R.I.P to a true legend, and one of the biggest, baddest dudes to watch.


well SHIT!!!

RIP. Beltless deadlifts tonight


It was some sort of a street fight and he got stabbed (as far as I know, probably more info comes later). Tragic way to go for a legend.

I heard heart failure…passed out in a sauna, by the time the got to him, he had passed.

Yeah, the street fight has not been confirmed yet. Just figured it out. Waiting for more information.

I had heard of the street fight as well as heart failure, but didn’t want to comment on either since I am not able to translate the sources.

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Yeah. It’s strange that they don’t publish the reason. Usually feels like normal procedure when a “celebrity” or an famous athlete dies.

I am so confused.I see people saying it was sauna heart attack and i also saw people saying he got stabbed.

It’s impossible to say. Both of these claims have very little value right now. I could say he was stomped by an elephant. I’m hoping some kind of clarity.

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I thought this was some kind of twisted joke at first.

KK was one of my favorite powerlifters. I remember watching him pull that 948 for the first time like 12 years ago and it blew my mind. Rest in piece big guy.